Manual or automatic machines constructed on the base of highly reliable concepts and performance even for three shift production lines.

Automatic stringer SL-SAC600

Completely renewed stringer in the structure and automation. A special attention has been paid to the various mechanical and electronic systems applied for automatisms.
The cell load process occurs through SCARA Omron robot by means of programmed and extremely precise handlings. It carries out the centering of the cell, the vision with FZ-SC Omron optical scanner to determine the integrity of the parts and the consequent rejection or deposit on the belt. The Ribbon drawing system and the flux bath have been ameliorated and improved to make it more precise and faster. In the welding area the cell is not stressed to large sudden temperature changes since the belt has been pre-heated and the new inductive thermal welding method grants a higher quality in addition to a considerable reduction in the breakages of the cells. This stringer has the possibility to integrate anthropomorphic robots for positioning the strings on the glass.

Operator control touch-screen
Heating Type electric
Output for hour 600 cells/hour
Cell thickness from 160 micron to up
Cells dimensions 125×125
200×200 optional
Stock cells 200 cells
Centering system integrity cel digital vision
Welding process inductive heat

From stringer to solar simulator

Manual, semiautomatic, automatic