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Project Description


Framing machine machines studied to automate the module framing process: semiautomatic or automatic, they are perfectly inserted into the production line or installed as stand-alone or a work island.

The framing machine SL-INC231 is a machine which, when linked to the production cycle, allows the operator to frame the aluminium section bars to the structure of the photovoltaic panel It is essentially composed of a fixed bench and a mobile one, allowing the operator to load and unload the panel in a simple manner. It then descends and helps the operator in the stapling stage which is carried out using a pneumatic gun produced by us. The last stage is to apply silicone between the aluminium section bar and the panel.


  • SL-INC231M Manual
  • SL-INC231S/A Semiautomatic *

*OPTIONAL: insertion of automatic punching machines, on the four corners.

Modul dimension max length. 2000 mm – width 1100 mm – thickness 30 mm
Power 380 V
Consumption power 2,5 Kw
Pneumatic feed 6-7 bar
Weight 1500 kg
Consumption of air 12 l/m
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From stringer to solar simulator


Manual, semiautomatic, automatic

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