Laminator DM680

Laminator designed to laminate nr 3 modules of 60 cells and 72 cells

The laminators are composed of a base with a heated aluminium plate the thickness of which is 20 mm. During the heating stage, the 9 pid plate with gradient control ( and high content of technological innovation), certified by an international patent, is able to guarantee uniform control of the plate unlike traditional laminators on the market. This makes it possible to optimize the various stages of the machine cycle and the quality of the finished products, while minimizing production rejects. These laminators are fit in high automated pv modules production plants.

The modules laminated with SL-DM680 pass the spec. IEC 61215 – IEC 61646 – IEC 61730.

Temperature 160° (200° optional)
Area 6.80 m2 (2000 x 3400)
Vacuum pressure < 1 millibar
Module thickness 20 mm (30 mm optional)
Power 380V 50/60Hz
Pneumatic feed 6-7 bar
Operator control Touch-screen

*1 CS/A = loading/unloading with sheet driven in alternating mode to be inserted on island production cycles
*2 CS/C = loading/unloading with roller table and belts to be inserted insertion in in-line production (with belt self-cleaning)
– Available special version for structural glass with PVB

From stringer to solar simulator

Manual, semiautomatic, automatic